Thursday, September 20, 2007

A Hookah, a Duchess, & a Cheshire Cat

I have located a nice little web site that does a nice job summarizing the chapters. You are free to use it to gain some insight. I believe it will help answer a lot of your questions. I also believe it addresses the questions you all have about the hookah and what is in it. Let's be adult about our conversations in here. Those who cannot behave in an adult fashion will lose blogging privileges and the accompanying grades.

Today you will select four questions to answer. You may answer more than that but you must answer at least four of the following questions:
  1. Is there some foreshadowing going on when the Caterpillar tells Alice to keep her temper? Explain your answer.
  2. Why does Alice recite the poem to the Caterpillar?Why are all of the characters "mad"?
  3. Why does Alice say she is not herself?
  4. Why is the Cheshire cat always grinning?
  5. Why is the cook throwing things?
  6. Why is the baby a pig?
  7. Why do they have a hookah in a children's story?
  8. What are hatters?
  9. Does the Cheshire cat help Alice? How?
  10. Why does Alice eat the mushroom?
  11. Why would Alice drink from a bottle that says "Drink Me"?

The link to the chapter summaries is posted on the link section of the blog.
Your posts are due today! Don't forget to comment.


cardinal_stud_61 said...

Mr. N is a crazy old man who can't hear

cardinal_stud_61 said...

j/k i'm just giving you a hard time( except about the hearing part)