Monday, September 17, 2007

Ou' est ma chatte!

Now that you have been through the Pool of Tears , attended a caucus race, and listened to a long tale, it is time to answer a couple of your questions. However, as you know, I will not answer them for you. You need to get into your groups and come up with your answers collaboratively. This assignment, like the last, is worth thirty points.

Be sure to write at least one paragraph with proper spelling , grammatical structure, and punctuation. It is important to note that there may or may not be a single definitive answer to each question. Some questions require you to make inferences from which you can only make educated replies.

  1. I want you to look up the translation to the title of this post and post it as the title to your groups' post. Click on this post's title to link to a translator
  2. What does the first verse of the poem on page 9 mean? Notice the verse ends with an exclamation mark.
  3. Why does Alice follow the rabbit? This question was asked the most often.
  4. Why is the story the mouse tells on page 17 shaped like it is?
  5. How is the caucus-race different from a regular race?

You need to have your responses posted by the end of class today.

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