Tuesday, September 25, 2007

A Mad Tea Party, Let's Play Croquet!

I want to congratulate the class for the overall effort put into your posts. Some of you seem to be enjoying AAIW. Remain vigilant about watching your spelling and grammatical structures. For the few of you whom do dot have your posts up to date, I have created an assignments link at the top of our page. You need to get caught up if you are behind. Each of these two chapter assignments are worth thirty points. In addition, the questions you generate and turn in are worth a possible ten points.

Here is a list of common questions. For today, answer at least four of the following questions:
  1. Why does Alice keep interrupting the dormouse's story?
  2. How would a raven be like a writing desk?
  3. Why didn't the March Hare want Alice to join the party?
  4. Why does the Queen behead evryone who makes a mistake?
  5. Why would Alice want to play the croquet when there is a chance of being beheaded?
  6. Why paint roses?
  7. Why is the queen so mean?
  8. Is the dormouse the same dormouse from Chapter 2? How do you know?
  9. Does Alice really want to escape?
  10. What is treacle and what would a treacle-well produce?well?
  11. Why does the Hatter make a poem about a bat?
  12. Why do the croquet players play in a disorganized fashion?
  13. Why does the Hatter put his watch in the butter?
  14. What was the Dormouse's story about?
  15. Is the Queen the one in charge of Wonderland? Explain.
  16. Is the Cheshire Cat a friend or foe of Alice's?
  17. Why is the cat on the cover of the book portrayed in a disappearing fashion?
Your post is due today. Feel free to use the chapter summary link if you should want.
Keep up the good work.

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