Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Posting by Email

For today, I would like to have you try something new. By now, all of you are aware several people outside of our immediate classroom are reading, and in some cases, commenting on our blog. The following is a comment from the Miller R-2 website.

Posted 01/12/2008

I looked at all the blogs in Alice's Restaurant. Rather than teach students to post a podcast to the web, which they will more than likely not need to do after they leave high school, I think they should have been taught better COMMUNICATION, through better writing skills. I read this was an Applied Communications class. It appeared, from their writings, the students need to learn how to communicate through writing. To be quite frank I think some elementary students can write better than this. All teachers need to start teaching better grammar to students, especially English Teachers.
To end on a more positive note, I thought the "Coach Stokes Interview" was humorous. (I will say I didn't look at the writing skills of the interview.) Ninya Biznez

I value criticism because I can learn where I need to improve. Not all criticism is accurate, but I usually find some hint of truth in it. The above critique of our blog has some valid points. Some of them are aimed squarely at me. What I want you to do today is the following:
  • Post a response via email. Go to your email program, start a new email message, type your response, and email to the following address: lneuburger.alicesrestaurant@blogger.com
  • You need to write a PARAGRAPH of at least 166 words that comments on Ninya Biznez' critique of our blog.
  • Be respectful, insightful, and honest.
This is worth 80 points. We have not had many assignments for points this semester making this one you want to do well on. Your grade will be based upon these three factors:
  • 20 pts.-- It addresses the topic.
  • 30 pts.--The paper is free of all spelling, punctuation, and grammar errors. (Each mistake is worth 5 pts.)
  • 30 pts.-- Proper use of capitalization (Each mistake is worth 5 pts.)
You have one day to accomplish this task.

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