Monday, October 8, 2007

A Knave, Alice's Day in Court, & the End

We have finally made it to the end of AAIW. We will be doing a research project in the next couple of days, but today you will be answering 6 of the following questions. Keep up the good work on your answers. If you are finished answering questions, go make some comments to other posts.
  1. What is a knave and what are his responsibilities?
  2. Why is Alice growing even though she is not eating or drinking anything?
  3. What concert is the King talking about?
  4. Where is all this "evidence?"
  5. Did Alice's sister really see everything Alice dreamed?
  6. Why does the rabbit have a horn?
  7. Why is Alice forgetting things so quickly?
  8. Why would the cards die if Alice did not collect them all at once?
  9. Who are the unforgettable guests.
  10. Why does everyone want Alice to leave?
  11. Is Alice's sister dreaming Alice's dreams?
  12. Why is Alice called to the stage to testify?
  13. Why is the Mad Hatter on trial?
  14. Why did the king make up a rule?
  15. How do they know it was the knave who stole the tarts?
  16. If Alice knows nothing, why is she testifying?
  17. Was Alice's dream influenced by the noises surrounding her? Why?
  18. Is the White Rabbit the same rabbit Alice followed down the hole?
  19. What does Alice's sister mean by "how she would keep the simple and loving heart of her childhood?"

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