Monday, October 1, 2007

As Pigs Have to Fly

I hope you all enjoyed a nice weekend. Today you will post your answers to five of the following questions from the chapter "The Mock Turtles Story."

I am going to start grading your posts more rigidly. I expect you to be more thorough with your response to questions. If you write a single sentence for each response to a question, I will be taking away points. You all told me your responses would be better if we took the book one chapter at a time, so it's time to prove it. I want you to have a topic sentence for each paragraph you write. Of course, grammar and spelling should be perfect. Here is your list of questions:
  1. Why would Alice say, "I have a right to think?"
  2. What is a mock turtle?
  3. What does the"Take care of the sense, and the sounds will take care of themselves" mean?
  4. What is a gryphon and where does it come from? You may need to research this question.
  5. Why was Alice holding a flamingo?
  6. What does Alice think makes people hot tempered? Why?
  7. Why is there a mustard mine.
  8. Is the Duchess Alice's friend?
  9. Why does the Queen always yell, "Off with their head" if she never executes anyone? Why would anyone be afraid of her.
  10. What does "Birds of a feather flock together, mean?
  11. Was the gryphon in school with the mock turtle underwater? How could that happen?
  12. How do the constant stream of morals the Duchess cites fit into the story?
  13. Why would someone want to learn Uglification?
  14. Why is the Mock Turtle crying? What is the source of his sorrow?
Posts are due tomorrow along with three comments to other's posts. Each comment you make should be followed with a question. Once again, I am allowing more time in order for you to increase the thoroughness of your posts and comments. Points will be awarded for establishing meaningful dialog in the comments section.

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