Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Ninya Biznez,

To be quite frank on the subject of your comment is was completely unnecessary. The comment she made on us being taught useless stuff is rather wrong. How does she know what will be needed in the near future. For all possibilities this could be a very important skill for jobs. Besides how do you know that the grammar in our sketches isn't good? I mean you didn't know are grammar skills before this and you don't know how much we have learned. Anyways what gives you the authority to criticize us? Are you a parent of a child in this class? Plus if you are then isn't your child in this class which means your child was one of the kids with this "bad" grammar. So why don't you teach your own child and maybe then he or she can enlighten us on the matter. From now on why not try taking into consideration on whom you are criticizing and the possibilities that could be at hand.

Chance Sullivan

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