Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I think that Mr. Neuberger is doing a good job because most of the people in the Applied Communications class don't take it serious. Even though we may never use pod casting after high school we are still learning communication. I know that after I have been pod castings for awhile it has improved my writing. I bet there are some elementary students that could do a better job, but they also have been taught different. If you think you can teach us better English than come show us how to do it. I think that in the long run this will make communication easier for us by pod casting instead of doing nothing. I think teaching us a little more grammar and stuff from the books would help our writing, but pod casting is still teaching us. I did not think that some of the things you said were very right especially towards teachers. I think if you had read our writing before the pod cast you would think we improved.  

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