Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Dear: Ninya Biznez     
I believe that we can't write the best but all of it is not our fault. We might have tried to learn stuff but it might have not been taught to us. Even if it was taught to us it was not taught to us very good. It would not be Mr. Neuburger fault because he has not been here our entire school time. The teachers that we have had leading up to this point just did not do there job. Even though this was not supposed to be a class to learn about how to pod cast. You are talking about how bad our writing is when we were not working on our writing. Although you do have a point most of us can't write and or spell very well. With that being said I have not been able to write or spell very well since I was younger. Well I guess since you want to talk about how bad we write maybe you should just come on down and teach our school for a while.

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