Tuesday, February 19, 2008

None of your Business

To begin with I have an issue with anyone attempting to question my academic abilities via a website comment board. This writer, or more appropriately "Internet Flamer" (to quote a title used by many online forum users) has no facts other than a half finished learning process to base her allegations. Ninya Bizniz has proven her self ignorant with the developing age of internet media possibilities. A number of Corporations across the world have begun financing advertising campaigns on sites such as YouTube and Myspace. In fact just recently I looked up a Dynamatt tutorial on Youtube. Furthermore for the past several years the internet has been the breeding site for entrepreneurs and the recent upheaval of entrepreneurship has been in the area of internet media. Like talk show hosts on radio and television new forms of mass communication have risen from the internet and this class has taken the liberty of teaching its students the aspects and abilities of this new playing field of modern communication.

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