Tuesday, February 19, 2008


I think that Mr. Neuburger is doing a great job teaching us. Some people don't take the class serious and slack off and write nonsense. Others try and we do a great job, so we have been told. Some things we don't need to know but we are getting taught, but in away it's helping us learn good writing and communication skills for the future. We learn how to use the computer and how to express our opinion though bloging. We also write in a journal at the beginning of each class. I think there are some elementary kids who can write better but they have been taught better. Each year of kids get a better education than the last. No disrespect but there is probably an elementary kid who can write better than you. I think if you are so good at writing than maybe you need to come and teach the class. Also I think you need to come forward and tell who you are, say what you want to our faces not just write it on the blog. Oh look your using the blog, and you thought no one would in the future.     

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