Monday, April 14, 2008

Bullying (Its Bad Mmmkay!!!!)

First of all you need to know the definition of bullying. Bullying is the act of intentionally causing harm to others, whether through physical or verbal abuse. Since bullying is such a broad subject we will narrow it down to one specific type. Since the film we will be doing is about a high school and his victim we will discuss the school type of bullying.

School bullies thrive on other peoples pain. Either that or they do not possess the social skills to keep friends so their friends are only there friend through the fear of being bullied. The school bully is usually very aggressive and won’t leave there victims alone.

Victims of bullying needs to stay away from the bully and do not provoke the bully. The victim needs to go a different way to class that avoids the bully. If the bully is walking in he same hall the victim needs to go to the opposite side of the hall. And avoid any eye contact. A bully will go for the kid that is a loner so they need to stay with a group of people. If the bully victim acts like the bully is not bothering the kid the bully will leave him alone after a period of time and move on to someone else.
Also they need to tell people about the problems that they are having. Tell teachers or the principle about the bully. Although they don’t have to worry about the bully cause it has been said that a bully will not have a very successful life. They won’t be able to keep jobs or friends.
There are many variations of solutions to eliminate the plague of bullying. While many have been discussed we will narrow it down to a small spectrum for the purposes of this educational video.

Throughout this video you will see different ways that the scene can play out. We will be showing two different scenarios, one that would be where the bully is being a wussy and then where he sticks up for his self.

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