Friday, April 4, 2008

Texas Chainsaw Massacre

In the true story of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre there wasn’t actually a chainsaw used at all. In fact there were only two murders that took place and both were executed with a pistol. The man who was responsible for the murders that later became the story for the movies was Ed Gain he was a loner from Wisconsin who had a very unusual childhood which later became the cause as many believe for the results that later happened in life. He only murdered two women but had robbed various graves over the years to feed his fetish of wanting to become a woman, many of the activities that he did was to make clothes out of the skin and wear them around his house in some perverse fantasy. When the police raided his farm house they found the remains of one of his murder victims, the mother of a deputy sheriff, who was hung decapitated in his woodshed with her intestines and head in a box. The police also found bowls made out of skulls and drums made from human skin and mobile hanging from his bedposts made out of noses. Instead of being convicted on murder charges he was committed to a mental institution for the rest of his life where he died in 1984 at the age of 77.

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